Best Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods

Best Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods
Best Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods

If you’re looking for the best mods for Minecraft 1.12.2, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of great choices, but you need to know which ones are worth installing. These mods will add new features and enhance your game’s performance. Here are a few of the best Minecraft 1.12.2 mods that will help you improve your gaming experience.


If you are looking for a way to make Minecraft more fun, then you should consider installing the BuildCraft mod. This mod allows you to build buildings and use gadgets in your game. It also works in survival mode. There are many advantages of this mod.

The BuildCraft Mod is a Java-based mod that allows you to build and modify structures. It offers you a variety of different building tools like engines, tables, funnels, and riggings. These tools will improve your gaming experience by allowing you to create things that relate to specific themes.

This mod will also let you create more detailed furniture and structures. It provides a database with over forty thousand different structures. You can even scan and download your own structures. This mod has a whole community dedicated to it. It can be used to build detailed areas, and it is a great tool for pre-planning ideas.

This Minecraft mod offers over 100 different mobs. It also adds dungeons, tunnels, and underground structures. There are even elements of nature and hostile creatures. You can create complex structures in the game, and you can even create your own custom animals and plants.

Another great feature of the BuildCraft mod is its ability to make pipes. The pipes can carry items and liquids, and they can be combined with redstone or waterproofing pipes to make complex structures. They can also be used for transporting items and mechanical energy.

This mod also adds new features, including a minimap and interface for active potion effects. It also makes the game run faster and smoother. The graphics will also look better. The Optifine mod also doubles your frame rate, enabling you to play the game with HD quality visuals.

Astral Sorcery

If you’re looking for a magic-themed mod for Minecraft, then the Astral Sorcery mod may be just what you’re looking for. This mod takes the world of Minecraft and turns it into a fantasy world of magic and star power. As you explore the world of the Astral Sorcery, you’ll find marble shrines and other structures that are based on mythology. Some of these structures even contain floating crystals.

You can also use the Astral Sorcery Wand to find certain ores. For example, you’ll find Crystal Ores spawning around Y-level 4 and below. You can also mark these spots using the JourneyMap. Just make sure to set your Y-level to four.

Another new resource is the Faint Amaranth flower. Harvesting it will give you glowstone dust, which is a vital crafting ingredient. The mod also introduces three new types of ore. The Deep Level Ore is found in deep levels near Bedrock. Breaking it requires a Diamond pickaxe. It will drop rock crystals when broken.

The Astral Sorcery mod adds many new features to Minecraft. You can craft new items and place stronger enchantments on your tools. This mod is especially useful for players who want to be a powerful sorcerer. It’s easy to get started. You can even create a server in 5 minutes.

You can also upgrade your crafting table to use different items. By upgrading your crafting table to the iridescent one, you’ll be able to craft more powerful tools and items. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to unlock the final stage of Astral Sorcery, called Radiance.


Optifine is a mod for Minecraft that allows players to change a variety of visual aspects of the game. For instance, a player can adjust the look of dirt and snow by changing their default textures. They can also adjust the appearance of zombies and random mobs. Another feature of the mod is the ability to change the visibility of underwater water.

The Optifine mod dramatically improves the graphics of Minecraft. It does this by enabling HD textures and improving framerates. The result is a remarkably smooth gaming experience. It also enables the player to run their favourite shader packs without having to worry about performance.

The mod is particularly useful if you want to create a home base. It allows players to make bookshelves, armor stands, printing presses, and even fancy lanterns. There are more than 800 different structures to create. It can also help a player learn new spells.

Another fantastic feature of this mod is proximity chat. It allows players to talk to each other as they pass. This feature is similar to how people chat in real life. It allows players to see what others are saying as they pass by. This is a great way to interact with others while playing Minecraft.

Other useful mods include the AI Improvements mod and Clumps mod. Both of these mods enhance the performance of Minecraft by adjusting the way mobs behave. Clumps mod adds orbs of experience and can be useful for players. And the Optifine mod makes the game look and play more beautiful. You can download the mod from the link below.

Dynamic Trees

If you’re looking for a tree mod for Minecraft, consider Dynamic Trees. This mod lets you create realistic-looking trees with irregular growth patterns. These trees will grow faster if they get a lot of rainfall. You can even climb their branches like ladders.

The Dynamic Trees mod can be found on the CurseForge website. This website vets and tests mods, so you can trust that the ones you’re downloading are safe. You can also access this directory from Minecraft’s directory. Once there, look for the file named “Dynamic Trees.txt”.

Adding trees to your Minecraft world is simple. Start with a seed plantation, and you’ll see saplings grow into full-grown trees. You can grow trees in all kinds of weather, and they will have falling leaves during autumn. After the trees have matured, you can harvest their wood for multiple purposes.

Dynamic Trees is a great way to add more realism to your world by introducing new types of trees. The mod adds six new types of trees that grow from a seed to full-grown trees. The added details include leaves, branches, and surface appearance.

Just Enough Items

If you want to have an easier time crafting items, the Just Enough Items mod is the perfect choice for you. It is free and includes many useful features, including crafting recipes. It is also compatible with other mods. This mod allows you to view all the crafting recipes for any material in your inventory.

If you are new to Minecraft, this mod will help you to learn more about crafting. It also includes an easy-to-use crafting menu that will show you the crafting recipes for the items and blocks you have selected. The menu will also give you the option to move the recipe directly to your crafting table. It is important to make sure that you have an open crafting table before you can use this feature.

Just Enough Items is a popular mod that adds more than 300 new items to the game. It has many similar features to Not Enough Items, including a visual display of items and recipes. It is also similar to the Too Many Items mod, but is much easier to use. It also emphasizes performance and stability.

The mod is compatible with all versions of Minecraft. You can download the latest version of the mod for Minecraft and install it on your computer. You will need Java and Minecraft Forge installed on your PC to install the mod. When you are ready to start using the mod, follow the instructions provided in the installer.

If you are looking for a tool to help you find items in Minecraft, Just Enough Items is a great solution. It replaces the outdated Too Many Items mod and provides a convenient display of items and their utility. By clicking on an item in the list, the user will be able to see the item’s id and recipe information. This mod is easy to use and will save you time.

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