How to Play the Resident Evil Games in Order

How to Play the Resident Evil Games in Order
How to Play the Resident Evil Games in Order

There are a few ways to play the Resident Evil games, including chronologically, and this article will discuss some of those options. For those who want to go a different route, however, you can play Resident Evil 0 in the chronological order if you’d like. This will make your experience much more enjoyable if you’re not trying to follow an overly complicated time line. After all, who wants to go through Resident Evil: Revelations and be stuck in the middle?

Resident Evil 0

Many gamers wonder how to play Resident Evil 0 in order. While the games are often played in chronological order, there are some nuances you must keep in mind. If you don’t want to spoil anything, read on to find out more. If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, you may even prefer to play the original releases in order. After all, these games were one of the earliest examples of the survival horror genre.

This game is a direct prequel to the first Resident Evil, and it takes place twenty-four hours before the events of the first game. The game follows the doomed Bravo Team, an elite police unit in Raccoon City. It stars rookie Rebecca Chambers and criminal Billy Coen. You must help these two survive, as well as evade the zombies in order to survive. You’ll find plenty of supplies in the game, and you can even play the game cooperatively with another player.

If you enjoy the original Resident Evil games, you may be wondering how to play them in sequence. This guide will show you how to play the first two games together, and help you decide what to do next. While this article focuses on the first two games, it’s worth noting that the first two are very similar. However, Resident Evil 4 is far more intense than its predecessors, and the series as a whole is better served by playing them in order.

The first Resident Evil game changed the survival horror genre. It introduced the first-person shooter concept and gave the survival horror genre a new, exciting home. The gameplay still retains many of the original elements, such as fixed camera angles and challenging survival horror. Even though Resident Evil is better emulated with the PlayStation version, there are some nuances you should keep in mind. The first game will be more satisfying to experience if you play it first.

The second game in the series, Resident Evil: Afterlife, is a standalone title. This game stars Claire Redfield, who works for a bioterror prevention organization called TerraSave. The game also features another player, Barry Burton, a weapons specialist of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. The Resident Evil series has an overall formula that has been refined through the years, but it’s still worthwhile to play it in order.

After Resident Evil 0, the series’ first sequel, Code Veronica, ends with a bomb blasting the city. Claire spends most of the game searching for Chris, and the sequel, Code: Veronica, picks up where Resident Evil ends. If you’ve played the game before, you’ll know what to expect. In any case, this is the best Resident Evil game ever.

Resident Evil 7

If you’re wondering if you should play Resident Evil games in order, it’s important to note that the franchise has over 20 entries, including spin-offs, remakes, and mainline installments. To get the most out of each game, you’ll want to play them in the order they were released. Thankfully, we’ve outlined the best way to go in this guide.

While the game is linear and progressively more difficult, you can also backtrack and save your progress in any given area. The game includes a safe room for you to save your progress in, where enemies can’t reach you. This saves precious ammo, which you’ll need to continue the game. And remember to use your knife when you’re at your lowest. Then, you can use Herbs and Chem Fluids to help you survive as long as you can.

While the storyline in Resident Evil 5 is largely familiar to fans, the new game includes a time skip, which means you don’t have to go back and play through Resident Evil 2. After the game’s release, a remake of the game is coming out in 2020. This remake also involves a new faction called the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. This faction is tasked with combating the virus. While Umbrella Corp isn’t among the best Resident Evil games, it’s a must-have if you’re a fan of the series.

In Resident Evil 7, you can choose to save Mia or cure Zoe. While you can play either of the games in any order, you’ll likely enjoy the game more if you play it in the order it was designed to be played. Mia is the canonical choice, but Zoe has a lot more story behind her death, which is why many players choose to save her. The second choice, on the other hand, is entirely up to you.

Regardless of the order in which you choose to play Resident Evil 7 games, the new game has a lot to offer. The new game is very different than the previous ones, and it’s possible to get lost in it. It is best to get a good idea of the lore before jumping in. After all, it will help you enjoy the game even more. This is especially true if you’re new to the series.

After Resident Evil: Afterlife, there are no prerequisite games for playing the game. It is a stand-alone game, and Claire Redfield returns to the spotlight. She’s now working for the Bioterror Prevention Agency, and introducing a new character to the series, Barry Burton. While the story is distinct from the rest of the series, this game’s plot is so engrossing that you’ll be tempted to jump into it before reading more about the story.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

The first game in the series, Resident Evil, introduced the survival horror genre and established a solid foundation for future games. The story revolves around S.T.A.R.S. operatives Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Each game focuses on a different character, but both are set in an old mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City. If you play Resident Evil Revelations 2 in order, you’ll have the opportunity to see Rebecca Chambers from the prequel.

“Revelations 2” is a worthy sequel to the first game, but the series has become a farce, with its heroes now being side characters. While the original Resident Evil was an action-oriented survival game, the second installment revels in the classic horror style. While the sequel is wildly different from the first game, it surprisingly stays true to the spirit of purposeful incoherence.

If you’re wondering whether or not Resident Evil: Revelations 2 should be played in sequence, don’t worry. Revelations 2 is a standalone game, but you can still enjoy it without rushing through the previous games. After Revelations 2, you’ll have more of an understanding of Claire Redfield’s life and her work for TerraSave. In the main series, Claire Redfield learns that her brother is in China, which adds to the storyline.

If you’ve never played the first two games, you may want to start with the HD remaster. It’s available on Steam. The HD remasters are far superior to the PS1 version. In addition, the HD remasters have a much better storyline than the original. Play the series in order if you have the time. You may even want to play the supplementary releases in order, as well.

Whether you’ve played Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in sequence is entirely up to you. The series is divided into three parts, and a series of games isn’t complete without all of them. So, while Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the second game in the series, it’s not too late to start playing it. So if you’re going to play Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in order, be sure to get it first!

If you’re playing Resident Evil Revelations, it’s important to finish the previous game before beginning the next one. It is important to play Revelations 2 in order for maximum enjoyment and to avoid spoilers. It is possible to complete the trilogy in order, but you may have to do some jumping around and skip some parts. After Revelations 2, you’ll be able to play Resident Evil: Revelations 3 in order, which is an expansion of the first three games.

Resident Evil: Revelations has some similarities to the previous games. While it has an interesting storyline, Resident Evil: Revelations has a lot of similarities to Resident Evil: Revelations. The series can be played in chronological order, but Revelations 2 is the last in the series. If you’re new to the Resident Evil series, it may be difficult to determine which games to play in order.

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