The Future of Video Game Hosting


Almost every year, we see major developments in video games. Graphics are becoming too good that in the next 10 years, it’s even likely to have hologram compatibility for games. New types of games are also becoming more popular like crypto, virtual reality, and metaverse games. Of course, video game hosting is part of this development. As games progress, hosting solutions also adjust to be  able to cope with the new demands of the gaming world. Below, you’ll see what the video game hosting industry will be like in the future.

Dedicated game servers as the primary hosting solution of the future 

This game hosting solution is one of the reasons why the game industry is thriving until today and there’s a lot of reasons for it to stay relevant decades from now. 

Dedicated game servers make server hosting very convenient. With them, hosts don’t need to buy their own hardware. They also don’t have to worry about their slow internet connections disrupting their server’s activities. This is because dedicated game server hosting providers handle all these stuff for them. When you rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, you’ll be given remote access to the necessary hardware to run your chosen game. They’ll also manage your server for you. All that’s left for you to do is to perform small administrative stuff like server updates and monitoring your players.

Dedicated game servers have also made way to new game modes for some popular titles. For example, GTA V which was released in 2016 is still being played by 2.5 million players monthly because of its multiplayer mode. Thanks sto dedicated server hosting, the popular open-world game can now be enjoyed outside its story mode. 

This game hosting solution has helped games stay relevant even years after their release. Other examples include Minecraft, Valheim, 7 Days to Die, Rust, and CS:GO. 

The rise of cloud gaming 

The cloud computing market has shown tremendous growth in just 6 years. From 2017 to 2023, the $45-million market grew to a whopping $450-million. And, as expected, big name companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Nvidia all jumped onto the high-speed market by starting development of their own cloud gaming services.

Cloud gaming allows players to stream and play popular titles from the cloud. This means that with cloud gaming, you wouldn’t need all the top-of-the-line hardware that most games require today. All you’ll need is a display device and controllers. Minimum system requirements of games will become a thing of the past. Everyone will have the chance to experience high-performance gaming even with low-end PCs. 

When you stream and play a game from the cloud, the execution process will not be happening in your device. It’ll happen in a remote system that is powered with high-grade hardware. Then, what that powerful system runs will be streamed onto your device. It’ll just be like watching a movie, but all your inputs will be read by the remote system and reflected on your device. 


The future of video game hosting is looking bright with the emergence of new hosting solutions that will hopefully make games more accessible to more people. Also, looking at today’s trends in the gaming industry, we can all expect that in the following years, we’ll have better technology. One thing that game developers have predicted is the inevitable success of game streaming by the year 2025. As a result, we may see other hosting solutions decline such as shared servers. Along with this major change, we may also see a drop in the popularity of physical PC and console games.

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